opening hours for July & August
   Due to summer holidays from July 15th till September 1st
   We will be changing our working hours as follows:
   - Tuesday-Friday we are open from 10.00 till 15.00.
   - Saturday-Monday we are closed.
   When needed we will be working outside of our opening hours to make sure deadlines are met.
   Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

sushi tray

for promotional purposes

flatbed prints

1. ordering flatbed prints

Send us an e-mail or wetransfer link with your files (preferably as PDF) and include the following info in the message:

  • your name and and contact details
  • the amount and your preferences for material(s)
  • any other wishes you might have

2. prefered file specifications

We prefer pdf files at 100% size with bleed and cropmarks.
Due to the many different combinations of sizes and materials we do advise to contact us beforehand.

We recognise that making a correct pdf can be difficult so if you run into problems... no problem. Just reach out to us (by e-mail) and we will work something out.

Info signs, illustrations on wood, banner prints, wallpaper and much more.. All of which are printes with durable UV ink.

many possibilities
Prints made directly on panels, boards, canvas, cloth, or almost any other material you might bring in up to 125 x 250 x 5 cm.
We keep a variety of materials like forex, plexiglass and cardboard in stock. We can have these printed very quickly.

your own materials
It is possible to bring in your own materials like wooden panels, canvas or handmade paper... please feel free reach out to us so we can discuss the possibilities.
We don't have a minimum order amount, ordering a single print is no problem at all.


on wood panel

rubber mat

with logo and text

more examples


with personalised print

take away

signing on...

various materials

for flatbed printing


on cardboard

IKEA stool

with decorative print


3mm cardboard


die cut
forex print

logo on artificial leather

for use on bar stool

outdoor signing

on wood


printed on linnen


white ink flatbed print

various prints

2mm cardboard

requesting a quote

We'll gladly send you a custom quote.
Send us an e-mail detailing your needs and we will get back to you asap.

Please mention the following:
the amount, the number of pages (in your pdf), the final size, print specs & prefered paper type, any additional finishing and your deadline.
example: "3x 10 pags A4 doublsides color standard paper, fold, asap"

updates by e-mail

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